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We deliver maximum value, mitigate risk and make life easier for our customers.

We do this by applying our forensic methodology to identify R&D tax benefits and funding opportunities across entire business operations.

The R&D Tax Incentive is NOAH’s core business and our results speak for themselves.


Our intimate knowledge of the R&D Tax Incentive legislation and guidelines, enables us to fully maximise government funding opportunities for our clients, whilst remaining commercially prudent and comprehensive in our approach. We are able to break away from more traditional and antiquated consulting methodologies and devise a more customised and focused approach.


What the heck are we talking about?


The Research and Development Tax Incentive (formerly the R&D Tax Concession) is the primary funding program for companies investing in business improvement projects, process development, and improvements to products and services offered to customers. If your company actively invests in its future, then it’s likely that a proportion of your expenditure is eligible for a cash rebate or tax offset.



You’re already claiming you say?


That might be true, but are you getting all you’re entitled to? What if you could actually be claiming more? Though every accounting firm out there will tell you ‘Sure, we do this, no problem’, the reality is very few specialize in this area. R&D Tax is often overlooked by these firms, or allocated the bare minimum of consulting resources and time.

R&D Tax Incentive compliance is one of our core services and it is a technical exercise. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your operations and, in consultation with your technical and financial personnel, develop a strategy to maximize returns for your eligible projects.


What could be better than simply receiving what your business is entitled to? Contact us today.